The Journey...

For the past 24 years, a wife, a mom, a singer, a songwriter, a homemaker, 

...a single mom, a business owner, a teacher, an organizational decorator, a friend

...a new wife to an Army officer and new mom to a blended family, a leader, a mentor, and a life coach,  (from an ICF accredited school)

It has not come without much pain and sorrow. There were things I did right and worked well and I can greatly see the benefits today.  But, there are things I did wrong, and had to let go of because no matter how hard I tried to make them work, they simply didn't.   It is through years of laboring, making mistakes, searching for my identity and vision as a woman, loving unconditionally, and growing in patience, that I am convinced there is definitely a custom  home structure for each individual family.  

The mother gets to set the tone.  She is the "lady of the home" and with her comes either great laughter, or great distress.  It is she who can provide the warmth and comfort within her family just by her presence alone. It is through her knowing who she is and confidently walking out her destiny in front of her children leading the way that can bring the greatest impact of a persons childhood.  I have found more joy and laughter in mothering than sorrow.  I am so proud of each of my children. And with each one, their every season of good and bad will intertwine with one another to bring about the great testimonies of their own lives. There are things they will love and hold onto that I taught or showed them, and there are many things they too will let go of. That, in many ways, will be a good thing.  And when I am old, I will be able to look back upon my life and know that I, through everything, chased the desires of my heart, loved people intensely, and lived to the fullest measure.  

Taking my experiences and my education, I partner and walk alongside parents as we work through individual identity and relationships throughout the family, and to add, coaching  and mentoring on the 11 stages of parenting from pre birth all the way to young adulthood.

The following are many of the topics we go over:

  • personalities 
  • love languages
  • daily routines
  • respect
  • structure
  • discipline
  • education
  • finances
  • balancing work and home life
  • playtime
  • bedtime
  • morning time
  • quality time
  • nutrition
  • fears
  • joys
  • how to handle anger
  • injuries/sickness
  • giving selflessly to others and impacting the world.

  There are two very necessary parts of the family. 

 1.  The identity of the family as a whole.

 2.  The identity and vision of each individual family member.

When the family all arrive on the same page knowing who they are as a family and respecting one another in their individual personalities and goals the family will enjoy the process of growing older together and they will thrive in unity and in relationships!

This is my calling and this is my joy!  It is my deep desire and pleasure to help find a custom home structure to fit the identity and purpose of your family, and then to discover the identity and vision for each family member. As well, to support parents in the 11 stages of childhood.  I believe that the more we know, the more we understand, and the more we will love one another, and save another family.   Connect with us today for your complimentary workshop and explore what is waiting for you!


 AshliDawn/AD   Family and Career Life Coach Specializing In: Families Finding Identity and Vision That Lasts!


Family and Career Life Coach Specializing In: Families Finding Identity and Vision That Lasts!