About Us

Thousands upon thousands of parents across the nation struggle to find answers for their Children’s need of a personalized education. For almost my entire childhood I struggled through school. I believed that I was incapable and unintelligent, but I had such a longing to learn and understand. for the past 20 years I have delved into a pursuit of exploring and finding other methods for learning. I have had the opportunity to teach and experience different methods and learning styles with my own children. My goal has been to find the joy in going to school, not just for my kids, but for all kids. Taking my experiences and my education, I share the most current innovative Possibilities of education, while Sharing the stories of Extraordinary people who have overcome their own personal challenges. As well, I take time with families to explore their children’s natural abilities, styles of learning, and the best creative methods of learning that fit their personalities and giftings.

This is my joy and my calling…

to encourage Parents and children and to give hope and success for their future!


AshliDawn/AD   Certified Educational Life Coach


Certified Educational Life Coach