The Journey...

For the last 40 something years, I have loved sports and music.  As a little girl i would sing my heart out and Outrun and out swim all the boys! As I grew into adulthood, I never thought that I would end up coaching in so many areas.  I expected i would be a great singer on stage or a professional track star or softball player.  I expected those things but those were not what I actually dreamt about.  What I dreamt of was being a Great wife and mom to my family and impart life into others like my own mom did and still does.

For the past 30  years, A writer, a caregiver, a lifeguard, a student, an Entertainer, a friend, a swim Coach...

a wife, a mom, a singer, a songwriter, a homemaker, a volleyball coach...

...a single mom, a business owner, a homeschool teacher, a tutor, A life Skills Coach,  an organizational decorator, a track coach...

...a  wife to an Army officer and A mom to a blended family, a leader, a vocal Coach,  a mentor, and a Certified Life Coach.

In the same way that I coach anything,  is the same way I coach in life.  I Didn't realize that until recently.   I know now that I truly was born to coach!  And I love it! Coaching is like breathing for me.  i was made by design to inspire, to give hope, to encourage others to live their lives according to what they were designed to do! 

 I love the joy that comes from the great accomplishments of hard work, and I love rejoicing with each client who finds victory whether they are 6 months old, or 95 years old! No one is too old to find their design.  I love helping people find their purpose and I love to help them find what it is they Absolutely need to reach their destiny!  

For me, life itself has not come without much pain and sorrow. For the last 20 something years, even while coaching others, I needed to be the one coached with a much needed teachable spirit.   It is through years of laboring, making mistakes, Humility, humiliation, failure, searching for my true identity and value, loving unconditionally, and growing in patience, that I am convinced there is an Inner character that is built through the hardships of life.  You can either let your Hardships define you and keep you in the safe zone, or learn from them and grow exponentially!  The love that I have grown into has been the greatest thing I have learned and experienced and I do not regret what I had to go through to get where I am today.  

Taking my experiences and my education, I partner  alongside Women, Children, and families who desire to intertwine character with natural born abilities, and seek out their purpose in life.  Together we strengthen and fortify the person, and/or the family as a whole for a triumphant future! 

This is my calling and this is my joy!  "Two are better than one..."  Connect with me today for your complimentary discovery call to see where I can help strengthen your vision and future!

AshliDawn Aka "Coach Addie"

 AshliDawn/AD   Certified Life Coach


Certified Life Coach