We all have one thing seriously in common! Whether we are male or Female, an older child, or an Elder, we all know some kind of Hardship, Pain and suffering. this world is Broken. There are loved ones who are hurting today. there are many in our sphere that are hurting. In our families, Our friends, in our work places, our neighbors, our community, and Certainly in our churches. there is self inflicted pain and there is pain that cannot be helped. If we are truthful with ourselves, we are either in a mess, just came out of a mess, or about to enter into a new mess. It may not be our personal mess at the time but it becomes ours when we walk beside the ones we are willing to suffer with. It is for this very reason that I am a Family and Community life Coach.

My life, thus far, is made up of 48 years broken up into 3 phases of sheer Sacrifice with little spurts of Retreat. In my 20’s I was determined that if I was going to live a life of Hardship and Pain and continue to help everyone around me with their suffering I would have to seek to find peace and joy through it all. At almost 50 years old I can honestly share with you that I have a joy that confounds me and I can’t contain it. i will continue to endure hardships until I go home but I have a peace that goes way beyond my understanding. I don’t feel the pain and suffering like others do. I have learned the ancient secrets of true Resilience, and work with others to find what they are longing for… Vision for their lives. Peace and joy comes through Seeking the truth in all things, and finding tangible and intangible solutions. this includes Continuously reaching out to the one who knows all things… Christ Jesus Himself.

This is my joy and my calling…

To be a rock and to be water- serving people both near and far, starting in my own community, from the womb to the Tomb, finding peace and Joy through every Situation we will face.

Chasing Vision…


AshliDawn/AD   Certified Community Life Coach


Certified Community Life Coach