Consider a flower. A tulip, for example.  Take its bulb and plant it into the ground in the autumn.  What has to happen in order for the bulb to burst forth into a flower in the spring? Consider a caterpillar from chrysalis to butterfly.  What does the caterpillar have to go through to become a butterfly?  Consider a baby.  What has to happen in order for a baby to become a full grown adult? Consider an adult.  What has to happen for an adult to go from survival to significance?

In each one, there has to be a natural or supernatural modification in order for complete development.  The painful, transforming necessity is called “change”.   Change brings discomfort and fear of the unknown.  We will either resist it or we will submit to the metamorphosis of our lives.  What happens when we resist becoming fully operational in the way we were designed?  If the tulip could choose not to become a flower; If the caterpillar could choose not to be a butterfly, or if a baby could choose not to become an adult? In each case, all of these are subject to the natural force of a life cycle.  They don’t get to choose.  But we, as adults, get to choose what kind of people we will be.

Survival mode is not just a station of poverty.  People can be wealthy in possessions, and have complete access to everything they need, but still live in survival mode.  On the other hand, people can live in a state of complete financial lack and still live a life of significance.  How is this possible?

Survival to significance is the uncomfortable and sometimes painful transformation of the heart. Survival is to hold on as tightly as possible to whatever we have. But significance is a life of wisdom and discretion…here to make a difference in the lives of others, giving of ourselves with hands wide open unafraid of losing whatever it is we have. 

What will it take for us to change from survival to significance?  What will free our tight-clenched fists to open palms?  Realizing that we leave this earth taking nothing with us, is it realistic to believe that our thinking can be changed into becoming givers of our time, wisdom, talent, affirmation, as well as material possessions rather than being self-absorbed lovers of ourselves? How much greater can we impact our surroundings if we change our state of mind?

Change…metamorphosis is painful but necessary for those who have been living in a state of survival, longing to fully mature into the person they were created to be.  Not just an adult, but an adult living with influential significance.

This is the kind of change I seek; the change I long for.

AshliDawn Bradshaw