The Art of Letting Go....

      "Childhood Is a Short Season"

Helen Hayes

One of the hardest things I have had to wrap my mind around is knowing that parenting is coming quickly to an end and that soon all my children will be adults.  As it fast approaches me with one teenager left in the house who is eager to grow up and get on with his adventure, my heart aches. To the point that if I am not careful, I physically become sick.  As hard as it is to raise children and as much pain and endurance as it takes, you would think we would be overjoyed to see them go! But no.  It takes a heart of love to see them rise up and leave the nest and to support them on their journey knowing they may never return. 

What then shall we do?  What is to become of us if all we know now is complete sacrifice of ourselves for the family's sake?  Is there anything left to live for?  This is why it is so important that we know who we are while we are parenting and we have vision with great hope and joy that there is so much more.  

Our greatest job on earth as parents has two parts: 

1.  to raise our children In the way they should go

2. to set them free and let them fly when its time

For some kids, that comes much sooner than for others.  

I love history and I was reading about some of the great explorers of our world who are long passed now.  In every story I read what each one had in common... they lived!  And I did not read one story about an explorer returning to his parent but rather they helped raise them to fly.


1  love your kids, 

2. prepare them for their great adventure   

3. enjoy life while parenting 

4. have vision and a plan for your lives 

...because "childhood is a short season" indeed.

AshliDawn Bradshaw