“There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love” Bryant H. McGill

Family Emnity brings with it:

·      Guilt: kills creativity and ability to love

·      Sorrow: causes self-pity

·      Abandonment: orphan mentality

·      Anger: overtakes your peace

·      Lonliness: focuses on emptiness

·      Heartbreak: takes us into victim mentality

·      Accusation: for self-protection

·      Defensiveness: causes blaming, debating, and fighting

·      Torment: You’re stuck in a pattern…cricling the same moutain over and over again with no

       forward progress.                                                                

                               (From the writings of: Roz Turner)                                     

If we are going to Chase The Vision of a unified and healthy family, the most important thing we will have to do is forgive one another, and to keep moving forward. This keeps ourselves from entering into the above abyss of a miserable life. We are chasing joy and freedom from every prison we could potentially put ourselves in.  It is up to us, as parents, to love and lead the way, and to not pass down the terrible ache of unforgiveness. 

AshliDawn Bradshaw