Identifying Your Calling


“Your call is not created… it is discovered!”

It’s already sown inside of you

There for you to plant,

To invest in others and for others…to make a difference!

To fulfill the purpose of your life


·     What gets your attention and inspires you to become more …using the gifts you have been given?


·     What is it that is happening on earth that grieves your heart?


·     What has your heart said to you that you have not moved on yet?


·     What are the seeds of grace you have been given that are still in your pocket? (gifts are like seeds in your pocket.  They don’t produce a harvest until they are planted.  Where are you investing your energies?)


Today I choose to sow seeds of: loving-kindness, fun, encouragement, forgiveness, talent, time, finances, joy, beauty, friendship, culinary delights, order… in and through grace.


From the Excerpts of Roz Turner


AshliDawn Bradshaw