In the Waiting

So, you are ready to make it happen! You have vision. You have passion!  You have purpose! You believe you know where you are headed. You have all your ducks in a row.  You can taste the glory of a vision reached because you know it’s got to be right around the corner.


And are in the waiting.  Your patience seems to be wearing thin. You have done everything you know to do but nothing seems to be happening for all the work you have put in.  You have made contacts and appointments.  You have done your research and got all of your resources together.  You have poured your blood, sweat, tears, and finances into this vision. Every day, you are waking up trying to stay optimistic in hopes that something will give.  You are one step away from a dream becoming a reality, and the snowball flying down the mountain, but you don’t know when you get to take that next step, or when the next door will open.


I think there is as much waiting as anything in this life. We do everything we can and then wait.  Waiting is the patience that brings about the great character that we must have in order to fulfill the vision we long for.  We may think we have enough character for the vision, but if we are screaming and squirming in the waiting maybe that is our huge sign that we need to develop more character.


One of the greatest things we can do while we wait is to serve others.  Serve in the church, serve in the schools, the hospitals, the homeless, our neighbors.  Why? It takes our minds off of the depressing moments and feelings of failure associated with waiting.  Serving others also builds the character of patience for the vision that is about to unfold in your life. Once the vision has come alive and active, there will be so much more involved where you will need way more patience.   


I believe with all my heart we were each created for great unique purposes and that we were created by a Creator who I call “God”.  I believe that He is the Creator of all things good, and that He has a huge hand in the orchestration of our lives. And that it is He who brings us to the places of waiting to build the character we need to accomplish the very reasons we were created for. 


Dreams fulfilled come through the waiting.  Dreams fulfilled bring about more opportunities for patience, and dreams fulfilled are not necessarily about the destination as much as they are about the wonderful journey you took to get there.



AshliDawn Bradshaw