cont... To Practice What I Preach!




These are the two things I will have to do in order to practice what I preach when it comes to singing.  I realized that there are some things that we are called to do that require drastic measures in order to accomplish what we are required to do.  Yes, I call it requirement.  If we are born with a gift, it becomes a calling.  If we are called to do something, it becomes a requirement which then becomes a mission to get it done before we leave this earth.

This week I thought “ok, I will get a list together of ‘musts’ and ‘needs’."  So, I did that.  Then I did what the list said to do.  Things like:

Daily practice

Take care of your voice

Eat right


Pray for wisdom

Put together a data base for industry

Send out my singing materials

I have been working on this list diligently but by the end of the week I recognized that it’s not just a list that I have to obey. There is a need for reinvention in my life!  I can’t just focus on what I am supposed to do.  I will actually have to change my mind set as well as some other things. I literally have to see myself as a singer!  And not just someone who sings.  But someone who was born to give life through my voice in song!  I have to change in order to do what I must do!  My mindset has to change in the way I see myself up against a world of amazing singers.  I always come up with the idea that “I will never make it that far, because there are singers who are way better than me”.  This stops me in my tracks almost every time.  I forget that it is the spirit behind the voice that propels the audience to feel what I am feeling and to be moved as I am moved toward inspiration, healing, joy, sorrow, and longing for more of whatever it is we need! Other things I have to change are a matter of ‘lifestyle’ changes.  This is also under the category of reinvention. I am being encouraged that there is more than just following a list of do's and dont's to accomplish what I was born to do.


My FOCUS this week is REINVENTION.

To be continued…

AshliDawn Bradshaw