To Practice What I Preach

It is easy for me to encourage others on their journey and to help them explore what it is they were created for and then help them set up a plan and a strategy to accomplish those goals.

It is also easy for me to explore my own life.  I love to dream big! And I have been able to nail down all that I believe I was created to do...on paper!


But, what I am not good at is taking the one dream that I fear the most and tackling it.

My husband, Tom, calls it “making excuses and running in the opposite direction.” I concur.


I know that I was born to do this right people to live to their fullest potential.  What I have also been called to do is live to my fullest potential.  And that means not hiding behind life coaching.  This week, Tom urged me to stop putting off the inevitable in my life and run toward my God purposed destiny.


I was born a singer.  It is the one talent that I have that I didn’t have to learn.  It just came naturally and grew. I have sung but not enough. I have made more excuses to not sing than I have actually sung.  For me, it means I have to put myself out there for people to judge and criticize, to mock, and scold.  Instead of looking at it as an opportunity to share a gift that people can relate to, finding comfort, joy, happiness and healing in.


What will it take for me to do what I must do in order for me to live what I preach?  


                             To be continued…


AshliDawn Bradshaw