I really enjoyed working with AshliDawn as my life coach.  She challenged me and helped me set goals that were attainable for my life. She is very wise and professional in every sense of the word as well as very encouraging and supportive through the entire coaching process...

Sara R.

business owner & mother of 4 Wisconsin

I have two autistic sons. AshliDawn taught one of my son's manners, and the other son she helped reduce his overwhelming anxiety over math and learn by teaching him in a fun way.

Wendy D. 

Mother of 3,  Cleburne, TX

Thank you, AshliDawn for the life-altering sessions you spent with me. The fog of my future became clear week by week as you intertwined the results of the online tests you had me take. That coupled with just getting to talk out my life with someone who was listening was rare and so helpful. Realizing more about myself and who I am, painted a new picture that blew the fog away. Indecision was replaced with clarity and vision. Thank you, AshliDawn! I’ve waited over a half century to learn what you’ve opened my eyes to in just a few weeks time! When my family and friends need coaching, you can count on it … I’m sending them to you.

Gail W.

Mother of 4 from Waco, TX

AshliDawn was there with me every step of the way through my pregnancy and my complete delivery with my son Josiah...she was absolutely amazing both inspirational and instructional. Separated from my husband at the time, her confidence and her knowledge reassured me that everything was going to be ok.  She was my champion!

Shelley B.

Mother of 2 from Fort Worth, TX

The real testimony of AshliDawn's impact in our organization has been seen in how our team has grown after her departure. She truly left a legacy of excellence in teaching us...

Mike B.

Chairman At Calvary Chapel, Business Owner

The Villages, FL