I really enjoyed working with AD as my life coach.  She challenged me and helped me set goals that were attainable for my life. She is very wise and professional in every sense of the word as well as very encouraging and supportive through the entire coaching process...

Sara R.

Wife, mother of 4, Business Owner


I Highly recommend AshliDawn Bradshaw as A “Servant-Leader”. She served our Congregation for almost a Year as a worship leader. The real testimony of Ashli’s impact has been seen in how our worship team has grown after her departure. She truly left a legacy of excellence in teaching our Congregation how to worship.

Mike B.

Chairman of the Board, Calvary Chapel Villages

The Villages, Florida

Thank you, AshliDawn for the life-altering sessions you spent with me. The fog of my future became clear week by week as you intertwined the results of the online tests you had me take. That coupled with just getting to talk out my life with someone who was listening was rare and so helpful. Realizing more about myself and who I am, painted a new picture that blew the fog away. Indecision was replaced with clarity and vision. Thank you, AshliDawn! I’ve waited over a half century to learn what you’ve opened my eyes to in just a few weeks time! When my family and friends need coaching, you can count on it … I’m sending them to you.

Rose G. 

Wife,  Mother of 5, counselor

 Waco, TX

Coach AD has been a true blessing to our family. She has the perfect mix of being very professional, friendly, and Patient all at the same time! …” She has given our family a true Gift- the Peace of Mind! And that we are truly indebted to her for Life!”

Pryia A.

Wife, Mom, Software Developer

Austin Tx


I have Met a lot of people in my lifetime but Ashli is one of the amazing ones. we have worked side by side on Many projects and her work Ethic is exceptional and she always operates in excellence. She has also been amazing to My daughter, guiding and teaching her as well as being a positive role Model.  Ashli is my "Go To" person and knows exactly what to say. She has helped both my daughter and I through some Tough times by making our journey a lot more endurable. Ashli is a God send from Heaven, and I would recommend her as a Life coach without Reservation.

Vaneese B.

Wife, Mom of 2, Social Worker, and Business Owner

Orlando, Fl


AshliDawn’s coaching Service was exactly what I needed in this time of my life!  She has really helped me to discover things about myself that I never knew I was capable of and has brought true insight to how I can work towards my future goals with confidence and capability.  She has a great way of listening and guiding and I Don't think I would have much confidence Without her wisdom.  I am truly Thankful and forever grateful that she rendered this service to me. Thank You Ashli!

Valerie O.

University of Texas Student

Austin, Tx


I am so thankful for Ashli, and for the wisdom and insight she has and gives so generously.  Within a couple of weeks I had gained a greater Understanding of myself and a sense of direction that I desperately needed for myself and for my family.  I can honestly say that I am looking forward to pursuing what's ahead in confidence.

Danielle Q.

Entrepreneur and Wife 

Austin, Tx


I had never done Life Coaching before and heard about AshliDawn from someone else.  I decided to give it a try and I am glad I did. She is caring, professional and easy to talk to. I learned a lot about myself. I would highly recommend AshliDawn to anyone who is considering a Life Coach. She will help you find clarity and you will most likely learn things about yourself you didn't know, gifts and potential you didn't realize you had.

Kristin B.

wife and Business owner 

Fort Lauderdale, Fl